The Cowboy Meets His Match by Jessica Clare

51928922. sy475 The Cowboy Meets His Match
Series: The Wyoming Cowboy
Author: Jessica Clare
Check it Out: Goodreads

Single father Henry “Hank” Watson is a fresh transplant from Alaska to Painted Barrel, Wyoming. He doesn’t want anything more from life than to put in a good day’s work, then go home to his daughter, Libby. But when Libby needs some emergency work done on her curls thanks to a gum incident, Hank’s out of his depth. He takes his daughter into town where he meets Becca, the local salon owner.

Becca’s still nursing a broken heart after her ex dangled marriage in front of her, then bailed a few days before the wedding. She’s done with men…or so she thinks. When she meets Hank and his little girl, she realizes that they need her help with more than just hair. It’s clear they both need a woman in their lives.

Everyone in town believes Hank is too gruff for someone as sweet as Becca. But what they don’t understand is that he makes Becca feel loved. She can see a future with him and his adorable daughter…if they don’t move back to Alaska.

MY feelingsThis was a cute and sweet read! I haven’t read anything from this author before but that’s changing now. Also, I didn’t know that this was part of a series until I finished reading. So this can be read as a standalone!

Our characters were interesting and reading about them falling in love made time fly. While it took some time to get to know Hank, he was really just a gruff single dad. The way he loved his daughter and eventually loved Becca was sweet. He didn’t have a lot of experience with women despite having a child so of course, we had some misunderstandings here. I like the way things were handled and the way the story wrapped up.

Also, don’t let this cover fool you and have you thinking that you are going to get fade to black sex scenes. Not at all! The author gave this book hella steam and I wasn’t expecting it. I did enjoy it though! Hank was a little bit of a dirty talker!

All in all, I enjoyed it and can’t wait to read this series from the beginning. 4 Star Rating

3 thoughts on “The Cowboy Meets His Match by Jessica Clare

  1. Ooo! This sounds good! I hadn’t heard of it before. I need to check my library for it. I know if you liked it, it will be good.

    BTW – Glad to see you’re back. I hope you’re feeling better.


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