The Damaged (The Insiders #2) by Tijan

57880526. sy475 The Damaged
Series: The Insiders
Author: Tijan
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The world knows about Kash.

Both Bailey and Kash were used to living in the shadows, but now they must live in the public eye.
Kash is figuring out his new found role against his grandfather, and Bailey is starting her graduate program late. At university, everyone is watching Bailey, and some are wondering if her legendary father, Peter Francis, bought her way into the elite program.

Meanwhile, Bailey’s former stepmother is in jail and at home, a mysterious aunt is living with them while Bailey’s mother and Peter are sleeping together. Again?!
But then, a new treasure trove of secrets is revealed and Bailey and Kash must decide if they will trust each other or take on the world alone.
MY feelings

The Insiders ★★★

Second book in this series and I’m still on the three star train. Like I said about The Insiders, Tijan knows how to get me to keep reading. Her writing has such an addictive sway about it. I finished this in a day because I kept needing to know what the next thing would be.

Story wise, we really didn’t get much. Of course, we got a few twists and an ending that makes you want to read the next book. However, there wasn’t any character growth and nothing really happened for most of the book. Bailey and Kash have sex, Bailey goes to school, Kash has to go on a trip. REPEAT. I can say that I’m glad that this didn’t feel drawn out and was only 311 pages. Sometimes authors drag books that don’t need it.

My biggest issue was the lack of communication. Kash shut out quite a bit from Bailey that didn’t make sense. For someone who was so in tune with her feelings and personality, why didn’t he see that some of his actions would affect her or was just something that he should have been in communication about?

While this hasn’t been my favorite series from Tijan, I am curious enough to see how this ends to pick up the last book in this trilogy.3 Star Rating


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