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The Mrs. Degree by Sara Ney

60296056. sy475 The Mrs. Degree
Series: Accidentally in Love
Author: Sara Ney
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Penelope Halbrook never intended to get pregnant in college, never intended to drop out, never intended to be a single mom.

She thought by leaving Jackson Jennings, was doing him a favor—he had a bright future ahead of him; the last thing he needed was her (and a baby) standing in his way.

She thought he would forget about her.
She thought she would never see him in person again.

How very wrong she was… about everything. 

MY feelings

This book didn’t work for me. I found this to be quite boring and had quite a few issues with the female main character.

I never really cared for our main character Penelope. She’s never had any repercussions for her actions. She was a single mother, yes, but her housing was literally taken care of by her brother and he watched her daughter for her a lot. She hid her pregnancy from Jack and instead of him actually being mad at her, he so easily forgave her. For not telling him about his seven-year-old daughter! Even her brother called her out on that. That’s foul and Jack was way too nice and understanding.

Also, where was the chemistry here? We kept getting flashbacks from when they were together in college and I just kept waiting for a spark during that time. There wasn’t one then and it wasn’t one seven years later.

To keep this short, this didn’t work for me. I seem to be the minority here because so many others have enjoyed this one so take my review with a grain of salt.2 Star Rating

I read an ARC for an honest review.

6 thoughts on “The Mrs. Degree by Sara Ney

  1. You know… Your review has me thinking more about this book. I enjoyed it while I was reading it with the exception of how dumb I thought Penelope acted and how easily Jack forgave. I think if I had read it after reading your review, I would have probably not have glossed over half the stuff I did while reading it. Maybe I just don’t have high expectations of Ney’s books anymore?


  2. Great review. I don’t think I will read this one. I am very particular with Secret Baby, and this type of scenario, to be honest, I hate these types of heroines and I think the hero should be upset and angry over it and the heroine should have to grovel. It just rubs me the wrong way. So I really appreciate your honest review of this one. I definitely would feel the same way.


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