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Misconception by Kaylee Ryan

59585579. sy475 Misconception
Series: Coming Home Series

Author: Kaylee Ryan
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I didn’t plan on kissing my best friend’s twin sister… or falling for her. But it happened all the same. It’s always been Riley, but after I finally get the chance to taste her lips, she ghosts me.

Not exactly the response I was hoping for. Getting out of town for a while, and giving her space, seemed like the best thing for us both. Until the night before my year overseas, and she ended up in my bed.

I thought leaving her was the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced, but returning home to find her with a newborn and knowing she’s moved on is a sucker punch to the gut. She can push me away all she wants, but the sexy single mom better get used to me being around, because I’m home to stay.


I’ve had a thing for Hudson Fleming for as long as I can remember. But I couldn’t get past his friendship with my sister. When I hear that he’s planning on leaving town, I know it’s now or never. Spending the night with him changes my lifein more ways than one.

Now he’s halfway around the world, and I’m pregnant. Having this baby alone doesn’t scare me half as much as my feelings for Hudson.

When he returns to town, I’m torn between loving and hating him. How can I not since he gave me the greatest gift, then walked away from us both? And now he wants to be a family… like he didn’t break my heart into a million pieces.

MY feelings

I’m always up for a new release from Kaylee Ryan. This was a sister’s best friend romance set in a small town.

This was more angsty than other books by this author that I’ve read. Besides that, I don’t like secret babies in my romances. I really wish that Riley would have handled the baby situation better than she did. I get her feelings were hurt, but she didn’t have to lie like that.

As usual, this author excels in small town romances. I couldn’t get enough of the aspect and the small town gossip.

I liked Riley and Hudson together. The mutual pining was a delight to read about along with Hudson coming back for Riley. The man was determined to make her his.

To keep this short, I enjoyed the characters but wished the baby situation was handled better.3 Star Rating

I received an ARC for an honest review.

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5 thoughts on “Misconception by Kaylee Ryan

  1. I still need to give this author a try. Is there a book you would recommend to start with? Or could I start with this one? I don’t mind secret babies. Although, angst can be hit or miss.


  2. I am glad that you enjoyed elements of this story where it was still somewhat redeemable for you. But I can’t stand the secret baby trope when its written like this, for me there is no excuse to lie in this type of situation when it involves a child. But there is my rant for the day haha

    Great review!


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