Wrap Up

November 2022 Wrap Up

Hey y’all! I hope everyone had a good holiday and caught some good sales last month. I had a pretty chill November to be honest. I’m in my homebody phase and I’m always down for a cozy night in these days. 

November was the month where I read the least in all of 2022. I’m still not forcing myself to read and only picking up books when I truly feel like reading. However, seeing that I read only 11 things (I know it’s not bad, just lower than I’m used to) is still surprising to me. 

Besides reading, I’ve just been watching Inuyasha or some HGTV. Also, I’m still on my Disney Dreamlight Valley obsession. 


If you were anywhere on social media then you know it was time for the Spotify Wrapped. I look forward to getting mine every year. If you got yours, share your results!



InuYasha Season 4 - watch full episodes streaming onlineI’ve picked back up for my rewatch of Inuyasha. I’m on season four and it really is my after work wind down show. 


Now, the main reason for this post is the books! I read 11 things and had 3 DNF in November.


5 Stars

4 Stars
A Pince of Sugar by Jessa Kane
Tempted by December by Nichole Rose
Jameson by Elisa Leigh

3 Stars
The Dark King by Gina L. Maxwell
Juniper Hill by Devney Perry
Cracked Foundation by Bex Dawn
Cocky Jock Wolf by Aidy Award and Piper Fox
Her Alpha Cowboy by Mia Brody

2 Stars
Wreck & Ruin by Emma Slate

His Assistant Obsession by Gia Bailey
Bad Boy Wolf by Aidy Award and Piper Fox

1 Star

Nectar by D.D. Prince

Ignite by Melanie Harlow
Southern Pleasure by Kaylee Ryan

outline-hearts-dividerI hope you enjoyed my wrap up for November. Now, moving on to December!🎄🎁


8 thoughts on “November 2022 Wrap Up

  1. Eleven books are still a lot more than some people read. I think it’s great you’re reading when and what you feel like.

    My Spotify Wrapped was weird this year. I usually just let my favorite playlist go. I guess I listened to a few songs on repeat this year, like Robyn’s Dancing on My Own, LANY’s Ex I Never Had, Carly Rae’s Too Much, and Ed Sheeran’s Overpass Graffiti. The TS songs on this surprised me because I just listened to that album, not particular songs. I was thinking her song You All Over Me would have made the cut because that’s the one I listened to over and over again earlier in the year. Guess I was wrong.
    Top Artists: 1. Taylor Swift 2. LANY 3. Robyn 4. Ed Sheeran 5. Carly Rae Jepsen
    Top Songs: 1. Dancing on My Own 2. Midnight Rain 3. Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve 5. This Love (TS Version)


  2. Cozy days are the best days!!! Its one of the things I love the most about the winter season! Good on the Spotify wrapped. Mine was mostly instrumental music or musicals as that is what I have listened to the most this year, as I use Spotify for my reading and blogging music.

    I hope December is a fun month for you!

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