Fake Date (Dating #2) by Monica Murphy

Fake Date Series: Date Author: Monica Murphy Check it Out: Goodreads   Sarah Harrison is used to strange customers. Working at a lingerie store, she helps bored housewives, spicy sorority girls, repentant husbands -- and everyone in between. Yet no one sparks her interest more than Jared Gaines, the ultra-rich, ultra-sexy businessman who frequents her shop, … Continue reading Fake Date (Dating #2) by Monica Murphy

Varsity Heartbreaker by Ginger Scott

Varsity Heartbreaker Series: Varsity Author: Ginger Scott Check it Out:  Goodreads Lucas Fuller is a lot of things. He’s the boy next door. He’s the first crush I ever had. He was my first kiss. He’s also the only person who has ever broken my heart. For two years, I’ve wondered what happened to the us … Continue reading Varsity Heartbreaker by Ginger Scott

The Player Next Door by K.A. Tucker

The Player Next Door Author: K.A. Tucker Check it Out: Goodreads Scarlet Reed has returned to Polson Falls, convinced that twelve years away is long enough to shed her humiliating childhood identity as the town harlot's daughter. With a teaching job secured and an adorable fixer-upper to call home, things in her life are finally looking … Continue reading The Player Next Door by K.A. Tucker