2018 Book Resolutions

Hey friends!

I hope ya’ll had a good New Year’s Day yesterday! I did and now I’m ready to crush some book goals. I have listed my 5 book resolutions below, let’s get into it!

  • Calm the hell down and just remember why I started

When I first started this blog a couple of months ago I was trying to keep up with bloggers that I looked up to and read everything that was currently coming out. I was burning myself out and was completely stressed. I just want to keep reminding myself that its okay not to be in everything current.

  • Read at my own pace

This goes hand in hand with the one above really. I set my Goodreads Reading Challenge at only 50 books this year. I actually want to enjoy the books I’m reading. Take my time and engross myself in it.  I was so caught up in having so many book reviews up on my blog that I was felt like I was just reading without really letting myself feel. So now I want to read at my own pace and see where it takes me.

  • Semi Book Ban

Okay seriously, a book lover can’t just stop buying books completely. I have bought and received quite a few books over the past two months that I really need to get a handle on before I start adding any more books. However, if it’s a new release that I’ve been really looking forward to having then I’m still going to cave!

  • Request fewer ARCS 

I went ARC crazy in 2017 without thinking about how I really had to read all those books! It really made my NetGalley score really take a dive. I’ve worked hard the past few months to get to 78% and I’m close to getting it where it would be okay to publishers.

  • Get better with my Bookstagram 

I made an Instagram when I started my blog a few months ago. However, I feel like I don’t have the best pictures or setups when it comes to it. I just want to get better and make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Do you have any book resolutions for 2018?

Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “2018 Book Resolutions

  1. I think you want to savor and that’s the best plan ever! I also wanted to work on my bookstagram as I did not find them pretty in the beginning so I say that’s a very good goal. Good luck!

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