Promise Me Forever by Layla Hagen

Promise Me Forever Series: The Maxwell Brothers Author: Layla Hagen Check it Out: Goodreads As a divorced single father, I live by three rules: 1. Make sure every day my daughter, Paisley, knows she’s number one in my life. No. Matter. What.2. Keep contact with my cheating ex-wife to a minimum.3. Turn Maxwell Wineries into a … Continue reading Promise Me Forever by Layla Hagen

Never with Me Kaylee Ryan

Never With Me Author: Kaylee Ryan Expected Publication Date: July 26, 2022 Check it Out: Goodreads Ramsey I’m out of my depth participating in a blind-date photo shoot. Not only am I meant to act like I’m open for dating, but I’m meant to be sexy and get up close and personal with a complete stranger. … Continue reading Never with Me Kaylee Ryan