Sunday Shenanigans

It’s been a while since I’ve done a weekly recap so here I am. I haven’t really posted one because my life is honestly the most boring thing ever!  

Books for the Week

I have the attention span of a fish. Seriously! Add that in with mood reading and my TBR has been all over the place! Take this list with a grain of salt lol. 

What i'm feeling

I’m feeling pretty good. After a scary doctors appointment earlier in April, I have been taking my health pretty seriously. I’ve joined Weight Watchers and have been cooking at home. I’m glad to say its paying off. Slowly, put progress is progress!

I’ve had a few new followers in the past week and I honestly don’t know how. But thank you for wanting to read some of my all over the place reviews. 

I am disappointed that I haven’t read ACOFAS yet. With so many ARCs and buddy reads I feel like I don’t know where to fit it in. It will get read though, just don’t spoil it for me! I’m still avoiding those! 

random thoughts

Can somebody get me away from Etsy? I have been buying bookmarks and book sleeves. Now that I admitted that I need help, what are some of your favorite shops?

Also I think I finally got used to Twitter. Lord knows I was so confused about it. 

So how was last week for you? Did you do anything exciting in the non bookish world?

12 thoughts on “Sunday Shenanigans

  1. Thank God I live in this side of the world where the shipping cost worth more that the actual things they sell or else I’d drain my wallet!

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