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Let’s Talk Wine // Rare Black Blend

It’s been FOREVER since I’ve posted a wine recommendation! Honestly, it’s been hot as hell so I’ve been picking up craft beer instead of wine because it’s cold.

Now, this a purchase that was basically because of the bottle! I know we aren’t supposed to that, but I do it all the time.

Even though this was a label purchase, I will definitely buy this blend again! It wasn’t light but it was heavy enough to really pack a punch and taste the cherry notes. Just don’t get too heavy handed like I did. After two glasses I was WAY more into my kdrama than normal! (basically, I was an emotional mess)
Also, If you don’t like dry wine then stay away from this one! It has a few dry notes. Not bone dry like a merlot, but still quite dry. I paired it with seafood and even guacamole and chips. 

Anywho, if you are in your local grocery store, pick this one up! 


Excerpt from the website:

“An exceptional blend with a complex structure including elegant layers of dark stone fruit and black cherry flavors, accented by delicate oak barrel spice and moderate tannins. The complexity and engaging mouthfeel makes this ideal for those who prefer big, full bodied reds that can be enjoyed upon release or bottle aged for further development.

This silky and expressive dark red is crafted with Zinfandel from Old Vine Lodi vineyards and Petite Syrah and Syrah from low yield Lake County and Amador County vineyards. Each varietal lot was fermented separately in stainless steel, followed by 9-12 months of aging in a combination of new and second vintage French oak.”


8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Wine // Rare Black Blend

  1. I want to start doing stuff like this. I LOVE wine and my boyfriend doesn’t care for it too much, but he’ll try whatever I get. But, I could leave the bottle and he won’t touch it, so that’s a plus. I want to try more wines!

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