Cole by Tijan

Cole Author: Tijan Check it Out: Goodreads I shouldn’t have remembered him. He was just a guy who walked through a restaurant. I didn't know his name. We never made eye contact. There was no connection between us at all. But I could feel him. The tingle down my spine. The command in his presence. The snap … Continue reading Cole by Tijan

Heart Bones by Colleen Hoover

Heart BonesAuthor: Colleen Hoover Check it Out: Goodreads Life and a dismal last name are the only two things Beyah Grim's parents ever gave her. After carving her path all on her own, Beyah is well on her way to bigger and better things, thanks to no one but herself.With only two short months separating her … Continue reading Heart Bones by Colleen Hoover

In Flight (Up in the Air #1) by R.K. Lilley

In FlightSeries: Up in the Air Author: R.K. Lilley  Check it Out: Goodreads When reserved flight attendant Bianca gets one look at billionaire hotel owner James Cavendish, she loses all of her hard-won composure. For a girl who can easily juggle a tray of champagne flutes at 35,000 feet in three inch heels, she finds herself … Continue reading In Flight (Up in the Air #1) by R.K. Lilley

Mini Reviews | Contemporary & Paranormal Romances

Donut Disturb by Melissa Williams A hot cop and a donut baker, what could go wrong? It was a donut emergency. A dough or die moment. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself. It would explain why, from the moment Baxter DeCavhalo comes crashing into my kitchen, I’ve been acting out of character. Why I’m … Continue reading Mini Reviews | Contemporary & Paranormal Romances

Mating Set (Mating Heat #1) by Laurann Dohner

Mate Set Series: Mating Heat Author: Laurann Dohner Check it Out: Goodreads It’s werewolf mating season. All the males are in heat, and the driving sexual lust of their beasts is almost uncontrollable. When Mika finds herself trapped in an alley, surrounded by four horny werewolves, she knows she’s in deep trouble. Until a tall, handsome … Continue reading Mating Set (Mating Heat #1) by Laurann Dohner

The Bluff (Calamity Montana #2) by Willa Nash

The Bluff Series: Calamity Montana Author: Willa Nash Check it Out: Goodreads As Calamity’s newest resident, Everly Christian thought life in small-town Montana would be dull and tame—and she needs a little mundane after the last few chaotic years. But one night, boredom drives her to the local bar, where she finds herself sitting beside a handsome … Continue reading The Bluff (Calamity Montana #2) by Willa Nash

Finally Home by Lori Foster

Finally Home Series: The Buckthorn Brothers Author: Lori Foster Check it Out: Goodreads This Buckhorn brother will fight for the woman of his dreams in this classic, must-read story from New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster, first published in 2000 as Sawyer! As the only doctor in Buckhorn County, Kentucky, Sawyer Hudson knows a thing or two about … Continue reading Finally Home by Lori Foster

Tools of Engagement by Tessa Bailey

Tools of EngagementSeries: Hot & Hammered Author: Tessa Bailey Check it Out: Goodreads Hair, makeup, clothing, decor... everything in Bethany Castle's world is organized, planned, and styled to perfection. Which is why the homes she designs for her family's real estate business are the most coveted in town. The only thing not perfect? Her track record with men. … Continue reading Tools of Engagement by Tessa Bailey