Moonlight Seduction (de Vincent #2) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

36301030Moonlight Seduction
Series: De Vincent
by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Nicolette Bresson never thought she’d return to the de Vincents’ bayou compound. It’s where her parents work, where Nikki grew up… and where she got her heart broken by Gabriel de Vincent himself. Yet here she is, filling in for her sick mother. Avoiding Gabe should be easy, especially when so much of Nikki’s time is spent trying not to be stabbed in the back by the malicious hangers-on who frequent the mansion. But escaping memories of Gabe, much less his smoking-hot presence, is harder than expected—especially since he seems determined to be in Nikki’s space as much as possible.

Gabriel spent years beating himself up over his last encounter with Nikki. He’d wanted her then, but for reasons that were bad for both of them. Things have now changed. Gabe sees more than a girl he’s known forever; he sees a smart, talented, and heartbreakingly beautiful woman… one who’s being stalked from the shadows. Now, Gabe will do anything to keep Nikki safe—and to stop the de Vincent curse from striking again.

MY feelingsThis book suffered from “second book syndrome”. This was a second chance romance and I thought it would be a single dad romance. We all know I love me a single dad romance. However, his kid is still living with the grandparents the entire time of the book! 

I had so many problems with this book you guys. Almost every single one of them had to do with Gabe. I was really rooting for him after we met him in Moonlight Sins. We knew he was going through some things and we found out that he had a kid he didn’t know about. He was kinder and the most real out of the other two de Vincent brothers. So I guess my real question is where did that guy go in this book?

I’m not saying that Nikki was an angel by any means (because she had her doormat moments), but the way Gabe talked to her and treated her? Yeah, she did something messed up back in the day. HOWEVER, it takes two to tango as they say. He was just being an asshole to her because he didn’t want to admit his feelings. Seriously, grow TF up! 

Ya’ll there was so much drama here and usually, that wouldn’t bother me. But with already being rubbed the wrong way by Gabe, it was just overkill. 

The next and final book is about Devlin and I SWEAR it better be fucking good. I’ve been waiting to get into his head since I started book one.2 Star RatingRatings of Previous Books in Series:
Moonlight Sins ★★★★

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13 thoughts on “Moonlight Seduction (de Vincent #2) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

  1. Finally I find someone who disliked this book as much as I did. I really enjoyed Moonlight sins and was super excited for Moonlight Seduction, especially after getting a tease of Gabe, but boy was he ever a disappointment.
    Looking forward to your thoughts on the next book!

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  2. Kayla I had not read the first book in the series but did read this one and well …I agree with all that you’ve said. I gave it kind of 3,5 stars (or 3 I don’t recall) but it was not the JLA I am used to.

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