Credence by Penelope Douglas

50483562. sx318 Credence
Author: Penelope Douglas
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Three of them, one of her, and a remote cabin in the woods. Let the hot, winter nights ensue…

Tiernan de Haas doesn’t care about anything anymore. The only child of a film producer and his starlet wife, she’s grown up with wealth and privilege but not love or guidance. Shipped off to boarding schools from an early age, it was still impossible to escape the loneliness and carve out a life of her own. The shadow of her parents’ fame followed her everywhere.

And when they suddenly pass away, she knows she should be devastated. But has anything really changed? She’s always been alone, hasn’t she?

Jake Van der Berg, her father’s stepbrother and her only living relative, assumes guardianship of Tiernan who is still two months shy of eighteen. Sent to live with him and his two sons, Noah and Kaleb, in the mountains of Colorado, Tiernan soon learns that these men now have a say in what she chooses to care and not care about anymore.

As the three of them take her under their wing, teach her to work and survive in the remote woods far away from the rest of the world, she slowly finds her place among them.

And as a part of them.

She also realizes that lines blur and rules become easy to break when no one else is watching.

One of them has her.

The other one wants her.

But he…

He’s going to keep her.

MY feelingsCredence has been on and off my TBR for a while now. It was free a few weeks ago and I decided why not. After damn near 500 pages, I’m still torn on how I feel about this book. Honestly, I only expected a hot sexy time with a side of plot. However, this had more plot than I was expecting which also left me with so many questions. This review is going to be all over the place.

I don’t know if I really can say I liked any of our characters. Tiernan was okay, but I won’t say that I liked her. Some of the ways she handled situations were so annoying and being in her head was a bit repetitive.

Jake, Noah, and Kaleb had issues. Easiest way to put it. While Noah was the best out of the lot, it really doesn’t say much. Jake said a lot of rude shit, Kaleb was a straight up asshole, and Noah just cared about sex. Did I miss anything? After learning about who she ended up with, I felt like I needed to go back and read because I don’t know how they fell in love with each other. Lust? Sure. Also, after sleeping with all three how the hell does everything go back to family feelings?

The best part of this book was the smut. Douglas put her foot in those scenes.

Lastly, this book shouldn’t have been this long! Goodness, there was so much of their everyday life on the mountain that could have been cut down.

All in all, I’m glad I finally quenched my curiosity. Even enjoyed a bit of this, however, I’m not going to be reading this again.3 Star Rating

10 thoughts on “Credence by Penelope Douglas

      1. Yes, I think it is worth a try for you, especially if you got it free. I think the rest of the series might be on KU. At least it used to be. I know people who love the characters in it.


  1. This book was not for me. But I am not in reverse harem either so I was judgey and I hate being judgemental!


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